March 2018 Newsletter - Volume 1, Edition 1

Greetings, Cleveland Friends.

We herewith initiate a Cleveland Club of Washington, D.C. Newsletter. We look to post it each 15th day of the month (summer months perhaps excepted).

We expect it to be short, but to post news from Northeast Ohio and items of interest to persons from Northeast Ohio living in the Washington, D.C. area.

Club News

Indians v. Orioles

The Sports Committee is working on the notion of organizing a Club member outing to see the Indians play the Orioles in Camden Yard on Saturday, April 21. The Committee is working on having Paul Hoynes, the Plain Dealer Indians beat writer, as a pre-game speaker. Last year’s and the previous year’s expeditions to watch the Indians play the Orioles and the Nationals including pre-game visits by broadcaster Jim Rosenhaus were both very successful.

For more information, see the Event page and RSVP here.


May 9 with the Cleveland Foundation

Please plan to attend a luncheon on May 9 with Ronn Richard, president and CEO of the Cleveland Foundation, likely to be at the offices of the Washington, D.C., Economic Partnership (WDCEP) at 15th & F Streets, NW. Ronn will present slides and talk about how the Cleveland Foundation is working to improve the Greater Cleveland area. The Foundation celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2014. Details about this lunch program to come later.

For more information, see the Event page.


News from Northeast Ohio 

Each month in the Club newsletter, we’ll provide a few news clips from and about Northeast Ohio. If you would like to submit a link, please respond to this email with a link and a short note describing why you think it would be an interesting article to share. Also, please indicate if you would prefer we do not note you as the source of the link.

Global Cleveland

Since the 19th century, Cleveland has been known as a city of immigrants. Persons from around the world have enriched the Cleveland area in ways too numerous to count but certainly in no less than food, festival, architecture, skills, music, innovation and politics. The modern incarnation of Cleveland’s welcoming hand to immigrants is Global Cleveland ( Its mission is to “welcome and connect international newcomers to economic and social opportunities in Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.”

Freshwater Cleveland

Bringing to light Cleveland’s more dynamic and creative efforts is Freshwater Cleveland (, a website and eNewsletter. Says the group: “Our focus areas include technology, innovation, diversity, local food, and entrepreneurship. We speak to creative, highly mobile, and curious people who are interested in where the growing companies are, where innovation is taking place, and where unique neighborhood transformations are taking root.” Check them out.

News from Washington, D.C.

Scores of Ohioans joined a majority of the Ohio Congressional Delegation on March 7 in the Library of Congress Madison Building to celebrate the state’s 215th birthday (Ohio was admitted to the Union in 1803). Host for the Ohio Society of Washington celebration was the University of Akron, whose president, Matthew Wilson, was master of ceremonies. The Ohio Society celebrates Ohio’s birthday each March.

Watch out for the next edition of the Cleveland Club Newsletter in April.