CLEVELAND PLUS Lauds Northeast Ohio

Carin Rockind, Vice President for Marketing and Communications for Cleveland-based Team Northeast (Team NEO), gave a spirited presentation about Cleveland Plus, the campaign to drive long-term strategic growth for Northeast Ohio, during a Club meeting at the offices of Jones Day on Capitol Hill November 15. Cleveland Plus is the effort to market the 16-county region that includes the major metropolitan areas of Cleveland, Akron, Canton and Youngstown as an optimal region for business, travel and living.

Ms. Rockind’s Power Point presentation and video outlined the Cleveland Plus effort that is being shown to the world. She pointed out that the region’s economy has been growing, even in manufacturing. It is also diversifying and becoming increasingly high tech, with major polymer companies, the Cleveland Clinic, biomedical companies, financial centers and more. She made the point that the area has 30 colleges and universities as well as a skilled and eager workforce.

Ms. Rockind told Club members that the effort to promote the region is the most sophisticated ever launched on behalf of the area and is receiving strong support from all the affected cities and counties.

She encouraged Northeastern Ohio people in the Washington area to be “ambassadors for the region.” One way to do so is visiting the Cleveland Plus website and signing up for its Pass the Plus newsletter, presenting stories of uplifting import in the region . . . . and then forwarding it to friends, families and colleagues so they also learn of the lucrative opportunities in Northeast Ohio.

Cleveland Plus can also send you hardcopy materials, bumper stickers and more that support the campaign.