Harold Hitz Burton Award to Basil "Bud" Littin, 2010

With great pleasure we announce that the Club officers presented the Club’s Harold Hitz Burton Award to Basil “Bud” Littin on Veteran’s Day, November 11. Bud joins a distinguished list of Clevelanders, including Associate Justice Burton, Anthony Celebreeze, Charlie Vanik, Frances Bolton, Kay Halle, Bruce Sanford, Donna Shalala, Nick Calio, George Voinovich, and Louis Stokes, who have brought distinction to their home city while living and working in the nation’s capital.

November 11 is not only Veteran’s Day but also the anniversary (plus one day) of the founding of the Marine Corps (this year the 235th), which is fitting because Bud became a Marine Corps officer in 1941 and fought with the Corps throughout the war in the Pacific. After the war, Bud worked for Ohio’s Senator Bob Taft, and then the Commerce Department.

Look for a representation on this website of the Award given to Bud.