Website Launch

We wish to introduce you to the new Cleveland Club of Washington, D. C., website.

This website, as well as the Club Facebook page, has been crafted by Michael Palinkas and we all owe him abundant thanks.

As part of the new website, you will be receiving emails about Club events and news from the website itself. I think you will agree the new format is an improvement.

Even though you are currently a member of the Club and receive our emails we ask you to visit the new website, go to the "Join" page, and fill in your information. 

We only require three bits of information: email addressname, and zip code.

All other information boxes are optional. But, we feel that gathering this additional information will be useful. Some questions include:

  • Cleveland neighborhood or suburb
  • Northeast Ohio High School (if applicable)
  • High School Graduation Year
  • Northeast Ohio College (if applicable)
  • Profession
  • Employer

This information will allow us to create and maintain a Member Registry. Such a Registry will allow you to network with other members who share common interests and backgrounds and will allow the Club to develop future events and initiatives that better fit our member's interests.

We suggest you "bookmark" the Club website to your browser - the quicker to check Club news, events and announcements.

Thank you for your interest in the Club. We welcome your suggestions.